HTC One V quietly pops up at Virgin Mobile USA for $200, iPhone tags along for online orders

HTC had broadcast its intentions to bring the One V to the US this summer, and that's exactly what it's doing, even if it's keeping the formalities to a minimum. Virgin Mobile has started selling the entry Android 4.0 phone without fanfare at a very tempting $200 contract-free -- certainly the lowest American price we've seen so far for joining the Sense 4.0 party. The hardware still won't floor anyone, but Virgin Mobile Live is tossed in to perk up the experience. Should Google's platform just not be your bag, you'll also be glad to know that Virgin has recently started taking online orders for its prepaid iPhones, which officially hit the shops on Friday. With their $550 and $650 no-contract prices, though, some may question just how Retina their displays really need to be.

[Thanks, Marcus]