Darkfall's 'ultimate promotion' starts next week

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.29.12

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Darkfall's 'ultimate promotion' starts next week
Darkfalls Ultimate Promotion
If you've been thinking about heading back to Darkfall, Aventurine wants you to know that now -- yes now -- is the time. The studio is running a so-called "ultimate promotion" for the game starting July 2nd and running until Darkfall 2.0 launches.

Through the promotion, all current and previous subscribers will be granted several days of free play. These days are July 2nd through the 4th and the 9th through the 11th. In addition, the subscription rate is reduced to $9.95 a month; this rate includes a copy of the game for completely new players.

Players also should find their experience in the game on fast-forward. Aventurine is jacking up the skill increase rate by 20 times, boosting the the global loot by four times, and making village control points go active every six hours instead of 12.

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