Google launches Mobile App Analytics along with Analytics App for Android, creates endless loop

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Google has given a boost to those who obsess over the minutia of their sites (and apps) with two new analytics offerings dedicated to the mobile side of things. App vendors will be able to see potential buyers stampeding to their wares (or not) with Mobile App Analytics, showing user info like traffic, geography and the model of device used. It will also provide engagement and business reports, telling developers how their apps are being used and letting them check if their monetary dreams are matching cold reality. Mountain view also released The Google Analytics App, letting on-the-go users have a truncated version of the full Analytics site, with features like real-time monitoring and the Dashboard, at their tactile fingertips. That app is now at the Play store, and the new App Analytics feature is in beta to approved developers. There's no word as to when, or if, the App Analytics will be in the Analytics App, but in any case, you can check the source to get either.

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