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Huawei's Emotion UI for Ice Cream Sandwich devices starts rolling out in China

We knew its arrival was imminent, and it looks like the time to shine for Huawei's Emotion UI is right about now -- well, at least in areas near the Great Wall. To celebrate its official debut, the company's launched a new website where it goes into nearly every detail about its novel Android skin, touting fresh features such as a voice assistant, smart contact finder, customizable fonts, smart triggers and an all-new chat application that's very reminiscent of Cupertino's iMessage or Samsung's ChatOn. Unfortunately, the Emotion UI overlay is only available to Huawei devices -- that are running Ice Cream Sandwich -- in China, but word has it coming to the US of A and Europe once the outfit's upcoming Ascend D Quad finally hits the shelves.

Update: As it turns out, our dear friends from Engadget Chinese have pointed out that Huawei's website is listing the updates as "coming soon" and "ROM developing," meaning the Emotion UI isn't quite making its way to devices just yet.