Devil's Third heading to 'digital devices' as well as consoles and PC

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Devil's Third heading to 'digital devices' as well as consoles and PC
Tomonobu Itagaki's Valhalla Game Studios is developing Devil's Third for more than just "home consoles and PC," says Valhalla CEO Satoshi Kanematsu. The studio is also crafting the game for "a wide range of digital devices," as Kanematsu explains in a letter posted to the studio's site.

What are "digital devices," pray tell? That's a good question – perhaps handhelds like the Vita and 3DS, perhaps mobile devices – we're not sure just yet. But Kanematsu doesn't stop there. "We are also looking beyond the boundaries of video games and plan to work with other various forms of media, including manga, novels, animation and film, to create a blockbuster franchise," he says. Sounds like ex-THQ buddy Danny Bilson and his "transmedia" message may've rubbed off on Valhalla.

Devil's Third is a horror title being produced by Valhalla Games independently, having recently broken away from publisher THQ and retained the rights to the IP.
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