Facebook App Center goes globetrotting with 7 new countries, blankets all of the English-speaking world

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Facebook App Center goes globetrotting with 7 new countries, blankets all of the English-speaking world

Facebook's App Center is having its passport stamped quite a lot lately. Just days after the HTML5 app portal set foot in the UK, it's making the leap to seven more countries. Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey will all get a crack at using web apps both on the desktop as well as in the Android and iOS native clients. The new group is coming onboard in the next few weeks. In the meantime, countries where English makes a frequent appearance -- Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US -- now supply the App Center for every single user. To help speed along the virtual customs claims, Facebook is trotting out a translation tool to get developers on the right track. It shouldn't be long before App Center is a mainstay of the entire Facebook world, even though we may end up cursing the company after hour three of a Jetpack Joyride marathon.

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App Center Now Available in More Countries

The App Center is now available to everyone in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. People in these countries will now see the App Center bookmark on the left side of their home page on Facebook.com and in the Facebook apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Approximately 80% of people active on Facebook each month are outside the U.S. and Canada. The global rollout of the App Center will continue over the coming weeks so that more people can discover high quality games and apps with friends.

In the month since the App Center initially launched, it has helped millions of people discover new mobile and web apps. Specifically, game developer Kixeye has seen a lift in the quality of organic installs, and found that App Center traffic produces better than average revenue per user for its games War Commander and Battle Pirates. Similarly, a growing percentage of new players in Disney's Marvel: Avengers Alliance are originating from the App Center, and those users are more engaged than those who come through other channels.

Today we are accepting submissions from developers with translated apps for the App Center. (More information on our Developer Blog here.)

Some of the most popular apps and games on Facebook were built by developers based outside of the U.S., such as Diamond Dash (Wooga, Germany), Bubble Witch Saga (King.com, U.K.), Jetpack Joyride (Halfbrick, Australia), Angry Birds Friends (Rovio, Finland), Ninja Showdown (Noritown, South Korea), Soundcloud (Germany), Spotify (Sweden), and Deezer (France). The App Center makes it easier for people around the world to discover the best apps and games for them, wherever they are.

Once the App Center is available in your country, you can access it via the bookmark or by going to www.facebook.com/appcenter.

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