Guild Wars 2 soundtrack available for $30

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|07.09.12

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Guild Wars 2 soundtrack available for $30
Guild Wars 2
Just when the wait seems unbearable, something comes along to offer a bit of respite. Although fans eager for Guild Wars 2 still have almost two months to wait to dive into the actual game, they can immerse themselves in the world via music sooner that that; the official GW2 soundtrack is now available for purchase from for $29.99. Offering even more music than the "best of" soundtrack CD in the collector's edition, this four-disk deluxe set is filled with previously unreleased music. Unfortunately for the digitally minded, there is no download available.

While supplies last, each copy ordered will be personally autographed by composer Jeremy Soule, who also did all of the music in the original game. The set will ship within four weeks from the date of purchase, giving quick fans a couple weeks of musical sustenance while waiting for launch.
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