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Cinema rig takes the heat out of your NEX-5N, lets you slide in the accessories

The Sony NEX-5N, with it's goodly APS-C sized sensor and decent video quality, still has a couple of knocks against it as a video cam: its bitty size makes it hard to rig up and it doesn't dissipate heat well. Tinkerer Richard Gale has addressed those tics with his prototype NEX-5N cinema housing, by adding a heat sink and fan to stop the overheating problem and a possible anamorphic adapter and matte box to accommodate filters and gels. The provisional £1,500 price ($2,400) would get you the housing, NEX-5N with kit lens, 5" Sony LCD, and accessories, while the anamorphic kit with the matte box is still just a concept with no price tag. Neither idea will happen unless he gets enough orders, but wearing the boxy black outfit might finally give the petite mirrorless cam a shot of big-boy film cred.