SugarSync to ship with many Samsung mobile devices, make Galaxy S III a home away from home

Samsung and SugarSync are already cozy with each other, having struck a deal to put SugarSync's cloud file sharing on Samsung's AllShare Play-equipped TVs. That relationship just got a lot closer: SugarSync will now be a mainstay for Samsung's rather successful mobile devices. Starting with the Galaxy S III, any Samsung phone or tablet that supports AllShare Play will have SugarSync built-in, whether it's for looking at files and media from back home or just to upload the phone's own photos and videos for sharing later on. The service still offers a free 5GB of storage as a baseline and will scale up to 500GB if you're willing to fork over up to $40 a month. Between this and a Dropbox deal for most carriers, Samsung has the cloud largely sewn up on its handhelds -- if you can't access it, it probably doesn't exist.

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SugarSync Expands Partnership with Samsung, Now Shipping on AllShare Play-Enabled Mobile Devices

SugarSync Now Shipping on the Samsung GALAXY S III

SAN MATEO, CALIF., July 11, 2012 – SugarSync, a free service that lets you access, sync and share all of your files and folders across all your computers and mobile devices, today announced that it has expanded its existing partnership with Samsung and is now shipping on the new Samsung GALAXY S III. SugarSync has been shipping on Samsung's AllShare Play-enabled Smart TVs since January of 2012, giving users the ability to access the SugarSync Cloud from their Samsung Internet-connected Smart TVs. Beginning with the release of the new Samsung GALAXY S III, SugarSync will now ship on all Samsung mobile devices that feature the AllShare Play service.

Samsung's AllShare Play service allows you to search for and play video, photo, and music files freely across AllShare Play-enabled devices such as PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. Samsung has incorporated the SugarSync Cloud into its AllShare Play service, so any AllShare Play user who does not yet have any cloud storage can easily create a cloud account by signing up for a SugarSync account – which provides 5GB of storage for free – from within AllShare Play. This integration also enables existing SugarSync users to access their files, photos, music and movies from their new Samsung devices. Users can now save photos and video from their Samsung phones and tablets to the SugarSync Cloud so they can access, view and play them at any time from other Samsung phones, tablets and Smart TVs.

"At SugarSync, we think the mobile experience is very important for users, which is why we have been the leader in mobile innovation for personal cloud and support more mobile devices and platforms than any other Cloud provider," said Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync. "Expanding our relationship with Samsung to be integrated into their mobile devices is a natural progression, as this will give Samsung mobile users a way of sharing content via the SugarSync Cloud across multiple devices from within AllShare Play."

The Samsung GALAXY S III is the first Samsung mobile device to ship with the AllShare Play service pre-loaded on the devices.

"We continue to be selected by large global partners including Samsung, Lenovo, Fujitsu, France Telecom-Orange and more to provide the benefits of the Cloud to their users," said Yecies. "This integration into Samsung's mobile devices will help drive the continued adoption of SugarSync worldwide."