Tiny Wings update brings iPad version, new modes

Tiny Wings 2.0 is now available on the New Zealand App Store, and is currently making its way around the world, to be available here in PDT around midnight or so. We heard about the game last week, but it turns out it's not a full game -- it's just an update to the incredibly popular iOS app, along with a separate new HD version for iPad.

The iPad version (available for $2.99) is called Tiny Wings HD and includes iCloud support, which a lot of Tiny Wings players will surely appreciate. There's also a new mode called Flight School in both apps, which features four different Tiny Wings birds flying across the landscape, trying to reach a goal first. And there's also a two-player same screen multiplayer mode, where two players touch on either side of the same screen.

Creator Andreas Illiger agrees he probably could have released the update as a second app, but he says he instead wanted to give it away for free, "as a big thank you to all my fans for changing my life." That's a nice sentiment (though if you want to play the game at native resolution on iPad, you'll need to buy it again anyway). The Tiny Wings update for iPhone, version 2.0, should be available on the App Store near you soon.