Microsoft's first international store set to open this fall in Canada

Living it up in the True North and wishing there was a Microsoft Store near you to take advantage of that subsidized Xbox 360 deal? Or, you know, give Windows Phone a run for its money? Well, if all goes according to plan, you might be able to do just that pretty soon -- this fall, to be exact. According to Canadian Reviewer, Redmond's own Tedd Ladd has told the site his company's about to open up one of its decorated retail shops in Canada later this year, with Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto being chosen as the place to help kick things off internationally. Currently, all of Microsoft's 20 B&M stores are in the US of A, so this would mark the outfit's first outside of the States -- and surprisingly enough, Ladd also mentioned this will be the 31st when it opens, perhaps hinting that there's some more on the way.