Star Trek Online posts patch notes for the Season 6 launch

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.12.12

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Star Trek Online posts patch notes for the Season 6 launch
Oh, good, Tholians.  This will be just wonderful.
Star Trek Online is mobilizing the fleets today. With the launch of Season 6, fleets will have new starbases to explore, new projects to develop, and new tasks to undertake as a single cohesive unit. The full patch notes elaborate on a number of the new features that fleets can focus on and what awaits the stalwart captains who pursue those goals, including the details of assembling and reinforcing starbases over time.

But even if your fleet isn't planning on focusing on all this new content, there's still plenty in the update for you to enjoy. New group content has been added in the form of the Colony Invasion and the No Win Scenario. There have also been a variety of balance changes and user interface tweaks as outlined in the full patch notes, including several tweaks to the Foundry and ship systems. All in all, the new season should give players in or out of a fleet a more enjoyable experience all around.
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