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BBC releases Olympics app, streams the glorious Games straight to your iOS or Android device

BBC releases Olympics app, streams the glorious Games straight to your iOS or Android device

The 2012 London Olympics Games are nearly upon us and the BBC just can't hold back its excitement any longer. The Queen's favorite broadcaster has released its Olympics app for both iOS (5.0 and above) and Android (2.2 and newer) devices, apps that for the most part look like wrappers for the company's mobile Olympics pages. But, that's not to say they don't offer some excellent features, like guides to every competition, the ability to save stories to read offline later and, most importantly, up to 24 simultaneous live streams of video -- once the Games actually get started in two weeks.

Update: We got a note from the Beeb indicating that there's an international version as well -- because those two dozen streams mentioned above certainly won't work when you're outside of the United Kingdom.

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BBC Sport today launched an Olympics application for Android and iOS smartphones in the UK.

The free app offers up to 24 streams of live events coverage, comprehensive schedule and results pages, and daily news stories which can be saved for offline reading, ensuring you never miss a moment of the Games, wherever you are.

Alongside full live streaming, catch-up coverage and highlights, the app ensures you always have a comprehensive, trustworthy Games guide at your fingertips, even on-the-go. Offering detailed facts, stats and information, the app generates pages for every athlete, country and sport, updated in real-time. You can also access live daily text commentaries, news stories and a detailed schedule and results section covering every Olympics event.

Extra functionality allows stories to be saved for offline reading, ensuring the latest information is accessible even when mobile reception is unavailable. Additionally, iOS users can personalise the app by adding their favourite Olympics sports to the customisable tab bar, enabling quick access to the latest live action.

Phil Fearnley, General Manager BBC News & Knowledge, said: "For the first truly digital Olympics, we needed to ensure that everyone could access our quality coverage wherever they were, across multiple devices. The free BBC Sport Olympics app for UK Android and iOS smartphones ensures that everything you need to keep up-to-date with the action is right there at your fingertips. Even when you're out of range of 3G or wireless, we'll still be able to deliver the latest news to you offline.

"The app adds even greater value to the BBC Sport mobile experience, ensuring you never miss a moment of the Games."

Both versions of the app are available for UK smartphone users only. The iOS app is optimised for handsets with iOS 5.0 and above installed. The Android version is optimised for handsets with OS 2.2 and Flash installed.

The Android app can be downloaded now from the Android App Store.

The iOS app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

A shortcut app for Blackberry users, which creates a bookmark for the BBC Olympics mobile website, is available from Blackberry App World.

BBC coverage of the 2012 Olympics can also be enjoyed on mobile phones via the mobile browser version of the BBC Sport website