Mystery WiFi Logitech webcam diagram appears, lacks role-reversing hardware photos

Mystery WiFi Logitech webcam schematics leak, but no rolereversing hardware photos

Logitech's collection of subtle HD webcams launched a few months ago, but an unannounced WiFi-connected camera has appeared at the FCC. Labelled up as the Logitech Broadcaster, a little bit of investigation reveals that the camera may be able to function unencumbered by cabling, similar to Livestream's identically-named Broadcaster add-on or the ill-fated FlipLive cams. Connected through WiFi -- thus explaining its appearance at the FCC -- we still don't know specifics on how it'll be powered, whether it's through a self-contained battery or otherwise. Until then, emissions and wavelength obsessives can direct themselves to the source for the science.