Google hits $12.21 billion in revenue for Q2 2012 (update: Motorola figures)

Google just defied expectations again -- it mustered a full $12.21 billion in revenue and generated an ample $2.79 billion in profit for its second quarter of 2012. The growth in revenue was a heady 21 percent over what the search leader saw a year ago (about 15 percent sequentially), even with a recently-swallowed Motorola now factoring (however slightly) into its results. About $10.96 billion of revenue comes from advertising and other close-to-the-vest businesses, $7.54 billion of which was from sites directly owned by Google. Unlike this winter, Google doesn't have any wildcards in store for share splits or other saucy details. Of course, we may learn more when executives hit the phones for a results call -- at present, the company is just happy to look forward to a summer of Nexus 7 sales and Jelly Beans.

Update: Drilling down into Motorola's separate results, Google said its new acquisition generated $1.25 billion by itself, about $843 million of which was after the acquisition was completed. If Motorola had stood on its own, it would have lost $38 million: success with the Droid RAZR MAXX in the US were offset by the continued decline of basic cellphones elsewhere in the world.