History Here app is perfect for summer travel

History Here for iPhone is a clever take on travel discovery apps. The app comes from The History Channel and A&E Networks.

In a nutshell, the app knows where you are and what historical sites are near you. It could be a National Park, a Civil War Battlefield, a museum, a Western fort or more.

When you find a place, click on it and you'll get information on the location, the destination website if there is one, and a way to forward it to friends. One thing I like is that the app is not based on Wikipedia info. That info is usually very good, but most similar apps use the same data source and I appreciate there is different content with History Here. Of course, I would have appreciated Wikipedia links too, but alas, there aren't any.

History Here worked well, although I had a couple of crashes where the app suddenly put up a blank screen and the only way out was to force quit the app.

I think History Here works better when you are at a destination, rather than as a planning app. It is really set up to explore where you are, not where you are going, although it is possible to do that too, it's just not as effortless. If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, this app is really not needed. There is plenty of info about the Grand Canyon on other apps and at other places. But if you're near the Grand Canyon and interested about some of the obscure destinations nearby this is very handy.

History Here requires iOS 5 or greater, and would be better if it was universal, or there was an iPad native version.

Some screenshots are below: