Redbox Instant enters alpha testing with help from Verizon (updated)

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Redbox Instant enters alpha testing with help from Verizon (updated)

It's been a long, long road but Redbox's streaming movie service is finally crawling towards reality. In February the DVD vending company announced a partnership with Verizon that would finally usher the Walmart staple into the 21st century. According to Fast Company, Redbox Instant will enter an internal alpha today, beginning the process of ironing out the bugs and fine tuning the offering. Heading up the joint venture will be newly appointed CEO Shawn Strickland, who served as a VP in Verizon's FiOS division. Both physical discs and streaming media will be available as a single package, but execs have been quiet on pricing and structure of those subscription plans. Supposedly we'll be getting more details later today, but in the meantime you can simply go visit the fist-pumping landing page at the more coverage link and sign up for more info.

Update: The official PR has hit and you'll find a link to the PDF at the source. There's not much more information sadly, but the portfolio of products is expected to launch later this year.

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