New York Times ends support for official BlackBerry, WebOS apps

Looks like the New York Times is signaling the death knell for RIM, albeit subtly. In a move that surely underscores the withering faith content companies have for the once beloved platform, the venerable Sulzberger-backed news organization has pulled all support for its DealBook Reader and NYTimes app for BlackBerry as of July 23rd. Users that attempt to access that application in the days since will find a stale content list that no longer updates and are being urged, instead, to visit the paper's mobile site for a "more complete... experience." And as if the ailing Waterloo-based company hadn't suffered enough indignity, it's been cast out of the developer pen alongside WebOS, joining PalmPre users on the reject list. Not to worry though, the Times crossword app has yet to get the axe -- that's got to be some consolation, no? You can check out the NYT's official line on its decision at the source below.

[Thanks, Dhruv]