Thorsten Heins talks BB10 delay, promises to 'reinstall faith in RIM' in January with full touch device

Despite all the doom and gloom at RIM of late, CEO Thorsten Heins is a long, long way from throwing in the towel. After denying a "death spiral" and responding directly to Globe & Mail reader questions, he sat down with CIO's Al Sacco to talk about what he sees coming next year -- and why we're going to have to wait another couple of months for BB10. The reason for delay, he says, "is not because we added stuff to it. The delay is because our software groups were actually so successful in coding the various feature components... we got overwhelmed by integration efforts." In other words, the company didn't add too much stuff, there simply was too much stuff. That's a very different state of affairs.

That being the state of play, the decision to delay again was a natural one, says Heins. "What I commit to the public out there is that when we ship BlackBerry 10, we will do it at high quality." And he, of course, has high hopes for what they ship. "In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming, I think we will reinstall faith in RIM." That seems to imply a January release for the device, or at least a final media unveiling, which could make the 2013 CES RIM's last, best hope.