BMW opens i Store in sync with London Olympics, shows tourists their electric destiny

Technology companies have been lining up to milk the London Olympics spotlight for all it's worth. BMW isn't shy about taking its turn, but it's not looking to cash in -- directly, we mean. The automaker is instead using its just-opened i Store to showcase everything electric and hybrid for downtown visitors who aren't busy watching the cycling. Its centerpieces are unquestionably the i3 and i8, which won't even go on sale until many months after the summer games' closing ceremonies; the i3 on the floor is closer to the street model, though, and will tease EV drivers with BMW's option packs. Should that make your bank account cringe far too soon, the i Pedelec scooter and the i Wallbox charger will be hanging around as well. If you didn't book a ticket to Heathrow in time, don't panic: the i line is going on a world tour this year that starts in Rome, swings past the US and Japan, and comes full circle to London in 2013.