Trigger private browsing in Safari for specific sites

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Trigger private browsing in Safari for specific sites

Tony over at Macolyte has posted a good tip on how to enable private browsing in Safari on a particular site. Why would you want this? It's good for when you're viewing financial sites and other sensitive personal data where you don't want to leave a tracking history, for instance.

Tony created an AppleScript that will open a new tab for a particular website and set it to Private Browsing mode. That same script can close the tab as well. Be warned though, it sets all open tabs to Private Browsing mode when this happens. (We posted a link to a similar script years ago, but that one also set up a temporary disk image to redirect Safari downloads, in case you inadvertently downloaded something sensitive.)

Click through to get Tony's AppleScript. If you've just upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, check out our look at the new Safari to get some other tips and also find out how to get your RSS button back.

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