Max Payne 3 shipped 3 million, sales 'lower than anticipated'

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Max Payne 3 shipped 3 million, sales 'lower than anticipated'
Max Payne 3 has shipped 3 million units since its launch for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in May, Take-Two Interactive announced in its first quarter 2013 financial report today. Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: The Line both sold fewer copies than Take-Two anticipated, leading to first quarter results below the company's expectations, CEO Strauss Zelnick said.

Still, "the outlook for our slate of upcoming releases is stronger than ever," Zelnick added. "Early consumer enthusiasm suggests robust demand for our extraordinary lineup of upcoming releases, particularly Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13 and BioShock Infinite. We continue to expect fiscal 2013 to be one of the best years in Take-Two's history."
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