Sony backpedals on Android 4.1 upgrade statement, is now 'actively investigating' all Xperia updates

Let's chalk this one up to something being lost in corporate translation. After a UK company rep issued a statement just days ago confirming the lack of an Android 4.1 upgrade path for certain 2011 Xperia handsets, Sony's delicately backtracking and claiming that public info was made "in error." While this official retraction may soothe previously irate owners' concerns, it's still not an outright commitment to Jelly Bean, as the company's only now pledging to "actively [investigate]... upgrades for all devices" -- a carefully worded PR promise par excellence. To the Japanese electronics giant's credit, it has been pretty transparent and diligent about delivering ICS updates to its elder smartphone progeny, so we have plenty of reason to remain cautiously optimistic Google's newest OS will make the transition, too.