Zentia announces the end of its run

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|07.31.12

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Zentia announces the end of its run
Zentia announces the end of its run
Sunrise, sunset. All that ascends must one day fall into shadow -- and sadly, the time has come for Zentia to do the latter. The charming Asian fantasy title has just told its players that it will be breathing its last as of August 13th.

ChangYou sent out the farewell letter to its playerbase with the sad news: "Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to keep the Zentia servers available for play after August 13th. The good news is that we will be re-focusing our efforts and resources on some very exciting upcoming titles."

The company is urging its players to move to one of its other games, specifically Dragon Oath and Sword Girls. Players who do so will have their store currency moved to that game with an extra bonus of tokens for the trouble.
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