Verizon survey reveals FiOS Companion Android tablet, aka the Motorola Corvair

While it hasn't actually started to roll out yet, one of our readers sent in pics of a Verizon FiOS survey gauging reactions to a new device that "may be available in the future" as the FiOS Companion tablet. As described in the survey, it's a WiFi-connected Android slate that not only runs the usual apps, but also works as universal remote control and streams "select" TV channels (probably the same ones as the Xbox 360 app) directly to its screen. The sole picture included confirms we're looking at the Motorola Corvair 6-inch Android 2.3 tablet that surfaced late last year with all of those features, home automation tie-ins and a 4000mAh battery. The survey questions don't reveal much else about its capabilities or potential pricing other than asking users if they would be interested in customizing their own home screen, and how. We'd hope the software has seen some updates since its original leak, but knowing this market that seems unlikely. All we can do now is help Verizon / Motorola with that customer research they were hoping to perform so let them know -- is this something you'd be interested in?

[Thanks, anonymous]