ArenaNet posts convention schedule

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.07.12

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ArenaNet posts convention schedule
ArenaNet posts convention schedule
With Guild Wars 2's launch mere weeks away, hunting down the ArenaNet team at tradeshows may be the last thing from your mind. Still, there are those inquisitive souls who like to keep tabs on their favorite studio appearances, and for them the company posted a list of shows that it will be attending.

While ArenaNet will have a presence at Gamescom, it will be demo-free and far more casual in tone. The studio will also be making an appearance at the Gamestop Expo on August 29th for five hours. This appearance will feature several demo machines for those still on the fence about Guild Wars 2. Due to the launch, ArenaNet decided not to go to PAX but is instead hosting a party off-site on September 1st to celebrate the game's release.

ArenaNet also commented on why it's sticking with DX9 for GW2 instead of DX11: "Our goal with GW2 has always been to provide a gorgeous fantasy world while at the same time running on a wide range of gaming PCs. Focusing on DX9 allows us to do this, as it's a much wider supported graphics API than DX11 is and we wanted our game to reach as many of our fans as possible. We will be evaluating supporting DX11 post launch."
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