Wargaming acquires BigWorld for $45 million

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|08.07.12

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Wargaming acquires BigWorld for $45 million
Wargaming acquires BigWorld for $45 million
In what Chief Executive Victor Kislyi explained as a means to remain in control of the studio's own destiny, Wargaming.net has acquired BigWorld, an Australian online-game software maker, for $45 million. The move was to bring one of the publisher's critical tools in-house; previously, BigWorld supplied Wargaming with with its technology platform. Kislyi states, "This [is] very crucial for us, as we want to control the technology provider we are using. Now we can integrate them to make internal development more efficient."

Wargaming, which publishes the popular free-to-play World of Tanks along with the upcoming World of Warplanes and World of Warships (previously known as World of Battleships), has been using BigWorld nearly five years. The move will lower the production costs of the two new titles and adds new employees to the company.

Kislyi assures that Wargaming will continue to support Bigworld's current customers and indicates that in the future, the studio may be in the position to offer technology of the combined companies to others wanting to develop an MMO.
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