RIFT announces battle mage soul: The Harbinger

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.11.12

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RIFT announces battle mage soul: The Harbinger
RIFT announces new Mage soul The Harbinger
If you listen very carefully, you'll hear the cry from over the mountaintops: "Battle mage? Battle mage?" And if you listen even closer, you'll hear Trion Worlds' response: "Coming in Storm Legion! Coming in Storm Legion!"

Indeed, RIFT's development team has confirmed the first of four new souls for the Storm Legion expansion, the Harbinger. Designed for the Mage calling, the Harbinger is a melee DPS soul. Unlike other Mage souls, this one prefers to get up close and personal with attacks, summoning fiercesome weapons for the fight, such as the energy scythe and lightning blade. It's designed to work well with the other souls and to bring survivability and utility to the calling. The Harbinger's special armor also reduces cast time, allowing the melee soul to mix in quick magical attacks into its rotation.

In the same livestream, the team also teased the upcoming announcement of a massive horned mount nicknamed "Mr. Landslide." The devs said we should be hearing more on this mount next week.

The full reveal video is after the break.

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