Minecraft: Pocket Edition adds bows, skeletons and spiders

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|08.11.12

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition adds bows, skeletons and spiders
Let's just skip the "Is that a bone in your pocket?" joke we're all thinking and get straight to business: Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been updated and now includes skeletons, spiders and best of all, a bow to kill skeletons and spiders with. Skeletons and spiders are cool and atmospheric and everything, but they're even cooler when they can't murder you on account of being riddled with hundreds and hundreds of arrows.

The update also fixes around 20 or so known glitches, including one called "burning world," which sounds rather inconvenient. Currently, only the iOS version of Minecraft has these updates listed, though we wouldn't figure that a similar update for the Android version would be far behind.
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