The Walking Dead developer discusses multi-platform development

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The Walking Dead developer discusses multi-platform development

The Walking Dead is one of a growing number of game titles which were designed from the start to run on multiple platforms, including the major gaming consoles, OS X, Windows and iOS. Venture Beat talked to Steve Allison of Telltale Games about the game's roots and some of the challenges involved in a multi-platform launch.

Allison points out that smartphone and tablet specs are creeping close enough to desktops and consoles that a multi-platform launch now makes sense. He says, "Given the rise of smartphone and tablet specs that are now in the same range as our target PC and home console specs, as long as we make a great narrative entertainment experience, a Telltale game is going to be fairly rock-solid and consistent across every platform for the most part."

The short interview also talks about the difficulty of timing a launch across several, very different platforms and discusses some of the tweaks the team made for iOS. You can read the full interview on Venture Beat's website.

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