Transmogrify your way into the Ravenholdt elite

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|08.16.12

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Transmogrify your way into the Ravenholdt elite
Transmogrify your way into the Ravenholdt elite THURS
Ah, Ravenholdt. Besides being the object of frustration for rep farmers worldwide, Ravenholdt is more importantly home to an elite organization of rogues. Who are they allied with? No one in particular. Why, they might even be allied with you -- if you had the right amount of coin, that is.

Ravenholdt Manor is perched high in the peaks of Hillsbrad Foothills. Home to rogues all over the world, the organization is a loose one. It never really seemed to hold any real purpose in World of Warcraft other than squabbling with the Syndicate.

That is, of course, until we saw the introduction of the legendary quest chain for Fangs of the Father in patch 4.3. At that point, Ravenholdt stepped from a handy place to grab a recipe for Thistle Tea to a full-fledged, bustling area with its own fascinating storyline. And while Wrathion has now flown off for greener pastures, Ravenholdt remains for any who choose to visit or grind endless amounts of reputation.

The guards of Ravenholdt have seen a facelift in recent years, and now have a snazzy uniform that highlights leather pieces largely from The Burning Crusade. With transmogrification, any rogue can show allegiance to this shadowy organization in perfect style.

I call this a rogue-only outfit for one very good reason: The helm that the Ravenholdt guards are wearing is a rogue-only PvP helm from the days of Wrath. Unfortunately, there is no druid look-alike for this particular piece. If you are dead set on creating this set however, there are a selection of other helms that look at least vaguely similar to this odd-looking mask.
  • Head The distinctive mask of the Ravenholdt guards is the Deadly Gladiator's Leather Helm. You can purchase this from either Arcanist Firael or Magister Sarien in Dalaran, depending on your faction. It's a cheap 770 justice points.
  • Shoulders The Cloaked Shoulderpads are somewhat tricky to obtain. You'll have to build a Swords Deck from cards created by scribes. Once you've got the deck, you can turn it in Transmogrify your way into the Ravenholdt elite THURSand choose these shoulders as a reward. Despite the fact that it's a Darkmoon deck, you don't need to wait around for the Darkmoon Faire to turn in the quest.
  • Chest The Tunic of Assassination drops from Pathaleon the Calculator in The Mechanar. You can run this dungeon on either normal or heroic for this piece.
  • Wrists Bracers don't need to be transmogrified for this look. The gloves will cover them entirely.
  • Hands You can get your hands on a set of Handgrips of Assassination by heading to The Black Morass and killing Aeonus. As with the chestpiece, these gloves will drop on both normal and heroic mode.
  • Waist However, I'd recommend killing Aeonus on heroic mode. This is because he also drops the belt for this set, the Girdle of the Deathdealer. But he only drops it on heroic, so just farm the place on heroic -- and who knows, you might get two drops in one!
  • Legs You can fetch the Leggings of Assassination from Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth. The legs will drop on both normal or heroic difficulty.
  • Feet Shadowstep Striders can be found on Harbringer Skyriss in The Arcatraz, but only on heroic mode. Even if you aren't farming this particular set, I recommend grabbing a pair of these boots anyway. They're basic black and go with a variety of different looks.
  • Weapons This is where it gets a little tricky. The Ravenholdt guards are actually doing the impossible; they're dual-wielding a main-hand sword. The Grieving Spellblade has a chance to drop from both Grand Widow Faerlina and Gluth in Naxxramas, but only on 10-man normal mode.
Because the Grieving Spellblade is classified as a main-hand weapon, you cannot use it to transmogrify your off-hand, and you'll have to find a substitute. Here, I've used a very simple, low-level Curved Dagger because it meshes nicely with the overall look without overpowering the gorgeousness of the main-hand weapon.

Any rogue worth their salt likely has at least one part of the legendary dagger chain completed. If you've got your legendary daggers, you won't be able to transmogrify over them at all. However, I'd say earning legendaries trumps gear look-alikes any day of the week. And going into Mists, those legendary daggers will be replaced at some point, so why not line up some nice looking replacements while you're waiting for Sept. 25 to roll around?

For rogues who have completed the Fangs of the Father or even those slightly acquainted with Wrathion, Ravenholdt Manor holds a special memory that extends far beyond simple reputation farming. And while wearing the colors of Ravenholdt may not earn you brownie points with Wrathion, you can still show your roguish pride in suitably understated style.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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