Timeline depicts history of iPhone, iPod and iPad sales

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Timeline depicts history of iPhone, iPod and iPad sales

Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone, a small iPad and possibly new iPods at an event on September 12. If you are feeling nostalgic about Apple's mobile and music devices, you can take a walk down memory lane with Everyi's Ultimate iTimeline.

The web-based timeline shows the launch date and life span of every iPod, iPad and iPhone model. You can see when the devices launched by year and click on a device to pull up details about it. There's also a filtering function which will let you narrow your view based on model name and a highlighting feature that'll let you color-code the devices in the timeline.

When you are done exploring Apple's mobile device portfolio, you can check out EveryMac's Ultimate timeline for Macs. Both timelines are formatted for Safari on a 13-inch display with 1280x800 resolution.

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