CastleMiner Z crests 900,000 sales, becomes fastest-selling XBLIG

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CastleMiner Z crests 900,000 sales, becomes fastest-selling XBLIG
As of August 15, Xbox Live Indie Game CastleMiner Z, which is priced at 80 MS Points ($1), has exceeded sales of 900,000 – making it the most successful XBLIG to date, developer DigitalDNA Games claims.

"Based on the positions in the daily best selling lists it may very well be the best selling XBLIG of all time, but I won't feel fully comfortable saying that until we have reached the top of the best selling list, which I project should happen when we round out 1M units sales in the next 4-6 weeks, becoming the first XBLIG to do so," DigitalDNA Games' Thomas Steinke told Joystiq. Still, CastleMiner Z has been at the top of Major Nelson's XBLIG list since launching back in November. And CastleMiner Z is always at the top of the daily best-selling area of

Steinke only had nice things to say about Microsoft, saying that creating XBLIG games has been "an unbelievable and life changing experience," though he does wish they paid more attention to the XBLIG channel. "We have really wanted to make an XBLA title for a long time, you would think when you have a developer that has moved millions of units on XBLIG that it would get some attention from them, however that hasn't been the case for us."

Joystiq has contacted Microsoft to confirm DigitalDNA's claims; however, the company typically does not disclose XBLIG sales data to the public.
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