Additional Guild Wars 2 store items revealed

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.20.12

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Additional Guild Wars 2 store items revealed
Additional Guild Wars 2 store items revealed
With Guild Wars 2's headstart on Saturday, players with some extra spending money may be planning their initial purchases in the game. Meticulous scouring of Guild Wars 2's online gem store has revealed five new options for future players, including one nice freebie.

Three of the recently added items are armor skins costing 500 gems each. These come in Primevil, Krytan, and Profane varieties. There's also a nifty Guild Wars 2 logo hat, which is currently marked at zero gems, meaning that it's a potential free item for players. Finally, for 2000 gems, one has the option to upgrade the standard edition of the game to the digital deluxe version.
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