TestFlight Desktop app now in beta

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A growing number of iOS developers use TestFlight to deliver beta software to testers. Now the company is releasing a beta of its own -- the beta of TestFlight Desktop App.

TestFlight refers to the OS X app as "a significant and much needed change in developers' beta release workflow" and is asking for devs to provide as much feedback as possible. The Desktop App provides four primary functions:

  1. Archive Detection, which automatically notifies you of any new iOS archives and also provide you with access to the most recent archived apps straight from the menu bar.
  2. Permit and Notify, used to choose testers directly or through distribution lists and then notify testers with a click.
  3. dSYM and SDK Detection, which automatically detects and uploads new dSYMs to TestFlight.
  4. Faster Uploads to TestFlight's CDN at maximum speed. Dropped uploads are resumed automatically.

If you're a developer who uses TestFlight to distribute beta apps, the Desktop App is available now to help you out. For iOS developers who aren't yet using TestFlight, this is a perfect opportunity to take a look at a powerful tool for streamlining the beta process.

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