All-weather motorcycle helmet heats and cools your face, protects grey matter (video)

Bob Averill, who introduced us to the world of underwater hamster care, had a couple of other projects to show us during our visit to Portland, Oregon, including the All-Weather Motorcycle Helmet. What, you ask, makes a motorcycle helmet "all-weather?" Why, built-in heating and cooling, of course. Averill started with a standard Vega modular helmet, adding an evaporative cooler powered by a solar panel on top. The cooler pulls air from an intake on the helmet's side, sucking up more air at higher speeds and blowing it through a sponge, across the wearer's face. When things get too cold, there's a heater built into the liner, created from a heated mouse pad and powered by a lithium battery. Averill is looking to get the project mass-produced, but that's easier said than done, when it comes to a safety products like this -- and Kickstarter, apparently, isn't playing ball. Check out a video of the helmet after the break.