Jawbone takes a cue from Colorware, will let customers order the Jambox speaker in custom colors

Want a blue-and-black Bluetooth speaker to match your Engadget t-shirt, messenger bag and whatever other paraphernalia you have lying around? You're in luck: Jawbone is about to start accepting orders for the Jambox speaker in custom colors. All told, you'll be able to choose from 13 shades for the grill, and nine for the end caps. Jawbone says it can see customers choosing school and team colors, not that you need an excuse to want an orange piece of kit. The personalization is free of charge, meaning the price of the speaker is still $200. The only downside, so far as we can tell, is that the Big Jambox isn't included. For now, the site is only open to select users (i.e., loyal customers who have participated in company forums, surveys and such), but starting August 28th it'll be open to everybody. In the meantime, which of you has the cojones to order it in purple and yellow?%Gallery-162979%