Rare Atari 2600 game, Red Sea Crossing, pops up in Philly shop

Old and rare 2600 game pops up in Philly

Red Sea Crossing is one of the rarest Atari games in existence. According to legend, the developer, Steve Schustack, made 100 copies in 1983 and promptly lost track of where they went or what happened to them. Until now, there was just one known, unauthenticated copy of the game on this planet, and after years of hoarding it the owner recently decided to auction it off on Ebay, on August 22.

Yesterday, another copy of Red Sea Crossing turned up at Medium Bob's Curiosity Shop in Philadelphia. The boys at Medium Bob's have since recorded themselves playing the game, providing proof of its functionality, which is more than the owner of the original copy has done. The owner of the first copy has since postponed his auction and made offerings to the drama llama over on the AtariAge forums.

Medium Bob's is accepting offers on its copy of Red Sea Crossing, but doesn't yet have a plan for proceeding with the sale. It will post details on its Facebook page once it decides a course of action, but for now "the game is buried deep in a vault somewhere near the Earth's core."