Forsaken World releases Frostgale Fjord battlefield

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.22.12

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Forsaken World releases Frostgale Fjord battlefield
Forsaken World releases Nightfall update
Forsaken World is taking its players to the frozen north today, as Perfect World's fantasy title released its second Nightfall update. This update centers around a brand-new 12v12 battleground in the colder climes of Eyrda.

Perfect World said that the Frostgale Fjord battleground is quite flexible, boasting level-based matchmaking. It also is tempting; in it, skilled and lucky players can attain tough gear and rare mounts. PvPers get expanded soul power trees and the option of better weapons for their fights as well.

The update also gives a boost to the game's guilds with a treasure system. Guild members can complete special quests to unlock a treasure chest and gain access to the wealth inside. The more quests completed, the better the treasure becomes.
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