Previously on MV TV: The week of August 18th

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Previously on MV TV: The week of August 18th
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Ah, livestreaming. It's not for the faint of heart. Streaming a favorite title requires knowledge of technology, a solid internet pipeline, and the willingness to have your noobnessocity pushed live for all to see. It's not a thankless job, however. We livestreamers get to show viewers our favorite titles or titles that the audience might not have seen before. For me, it's a challenge to find new and interesting games, while the other streamers tend to enjoy showing off classic titles or new parts of modern hits. Variety is the keyword when it comes to our livestream lineup!

So what did we show off this week? Well, let's start with MJ running through The Secret World and EverQuest II, followed by our favorite little Piggy taking on an hour's worth of Champions Online. Mike followed up with an hour in his favorites World of Tanks, EVE Online and Drakensang Online. I steered into worlds unknown by streaming some Vendetta Online and followed that up with an exclusive (first!) livestream of Pirate101, KingsIsle's soon-to-be-hit.

Check it out, but be sure to bookmark our livestream page so you don't miss a thing going forward! Feel free to add suggestions in the comments section while you're here. We get a lot of our ideas from readers and always love to hear more.

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After the votes were in, did MJ go to Kingsmouth or Savage Coast? How about both! Watch as MJ starts off on one place, moves to another, then pops right back, finally ending in Savage Coast and Innsmouth Academy. After all, who can resist a quest from a man in blue gloves? Certainly not MJ!

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With all eyes watching, could she do it? It was down to the wire, but MJ pushed through and succeeded in completing The Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack during this two-hour EverQuest Two-sday extravaganza. After all that toil and labor, wading through grinnins, vampires, and gargoyles, what spiffy reward awaited her? You'll have to watch and see!

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Psykopig takes his search for different MMOs into the skies this week with Champions Online! Piggy goes into character creation, powers, and the tutorial for you to watch. You'll have to excuse the lag; Champions Online was having some issues. Lag or not, the Pig delivers his rock attacks with ease! Join in the fun as he creates Massively Man, the meanest, greenest rock-attacking hero you have ever seen! Check it out!

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It's a very special edition of World of Tanks, with Mike launching artillery, driving into harm's way, and general causing chaos on the battlefield for not one but two wonderful hours. In this stream you'll find explosions, near-misses, and a true understanding of why normal people shouldn't be allowed to drive tanks. Honestly, is there a tree in World of Tanks that Mike hasn't run over?

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Mike skips over the violence and mayhem usually found in EVE Online to instead focus on the one activity that turns the game's sandbox into more of a Zen garden: Mining. Tune in and find out how one battleship, stripped of its armaments and equipped to do good, can harvest precious ore and put it straight into EVE Online's economy. We promise it's not as boring as it sounds.

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Mike once again drops into the murky swamps and musty dungeons of free-to-play MMO Drakensang Online, casting fireballs and teleporting all the merry way. If you've ever wanted to watch a grown man celebrate much too hard over successfully fireballing a monster wearing a skull on its head, this is the stream to watch. Plus: PvP gone horribly wrong!

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Has it been a while since you checked out Vendetta Online? Did you know that it can be played across all sorts of devices and operating systems? No? Well check out this stream that I hosted earlier in the week and I'll show you what the newbie experience is like. Be sure to check out my Rise and Shiny recap of the week I spent in game as well. Hint: It's a lot of fun!

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How would you like to be one of the first to watch the first livestream of Pirate101, the new MMO from Wizard101-maker KingsIsle? If you like turn-based strategy, customizable ships with real-time ship-to-ship combat, huge silly mounts, and that classic KingsIsle charm you loved in Wizard101, then check out my exclusive stream. I take you through some of the earlier missions in the game and check out some of its features. I have a feeling that Pirate101 is going to be even larger than its predecessor, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

The Kingdom of Loathing
Lastly, don't forget to check up on my ongoing Choose My Adventure stream of The Kingdom of Loathing. This is the last week that I will be streaming the game, so be sure to get in while it's still good. If you'd like to read the ongoing coverage of the classic browser-based title or want to check back on the earlier articles, check out the series here. I've found the game to be a fast-paced, immersive title, surprising and fresh despite its age. The community is more than helpful, and the gameplay is always funny. As you can tell from the video, I am by no means an expert on the title, but I have slowly worked myself comfortably into the ranks of lesser-noob.

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.
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