Apple adds support options for iBookstore publishers

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In very welcome news to iBookstore publishers, Apple has recently added some support options to make it easier to get answers about pesky issues that might be delaying the sale of the next Great American Novel.

In a letter to iBookstore publishers last week, Apple outlined four different support options. First, the Book Forum is part of the Apple Support Communities and a great way to search for answers to questions that others may have already asked. There's also an FAQ for iTunes Connect (requires iTunes Connect account to log in), the tool that's used to submit books to the store.

For additional assistance with iTunes Connect issues, an existing Contact Us module leads publishers through a guided set of questions to provide an FAQ answer. Should that not provide an answer, there's now a toll-free (U.S. and Canada) number available to speak directly to an iBookstore Publisher Support advisor.

Apple recommends that publishers have information on hand before requesting support by email or phone, including the Apple ID, ISBN, or vendor ID and title, the transfer log for iTunes Producer delivery failures, and the device, browser, version number, and operating system for technical issues in the iBookstore or on iTunes Connect.

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