The Secret World sales at 200,000; Funcom focused on the future

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The Secret World sales at 200,000; Funcom focused on the future
Screenshot -- The Secret World
Funcom's latest entry into the MMO field, The Secret World, has been receiving some less-than-stellar publicity lately with a bit of news involving poor Metacritic scores and layoffs (albeit temporary) at Funcom. It doesn't look like things are changing much yet, unfortunately. reports that, in a financial document released today, Funcom is claiming sales of "over 200,000" for the horror-themed title. These sales are reported as being "below expectations" and resulted in an impairment charge of $35,000 US.

In the report, Funcom also cites Guild Wars 2's launch date announcement, followed immediately by that of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, as reasons for The Secret World's subpar performance. But regardless of these setbacks, Funcom is looking ahead according to the company's Director of Communications, Erling Ellingsen, who says that "[Funcom's] focus is now to readjust, roll up our sleeves and focus on the future." Hopefully dark days are not, in fact, coming.

[Thanks to Gostik for the tip!]
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