Sony debuts NFC and Bluetooth-enabled SRS-BTM8 wireless speaker

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Sony debuts NFC and Bluetooth-enabled SRS-BTM8 wireless speaker

Sony debuts NFC and Bluetoothenabled SRSBTM8 wireless speaker

Smartphones, tablets and headphones aren't the only NFC-enabled devices that Sony announced at IFA today. While it didn't make it on stage during the keynote, the company's also officially announced a new wireless speaker that boasts NFC connectivity in addition to the usual Bluetooth -- an addition that lets you play music simply by tapping the speaker with your smartphone. As you can see, the speaker (known only as the SRS-BTM8) is also available in your choice of black or white, and it's clearly designed with portability in mind, boasting an integrated handle along with space for 4AA batteries that promise 20 hours of playback time. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything.%Gallery-163656%

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With the SRS-BTM8 NFC and Bluetooth® wireless speaker, all it takes is a touch 29 August 2012
One touch connection* - just touch it with your NFC-enabled smartphone and let the music play

With NFC technology you simply touch the speaker with your NFC-enabled smartphone to start streaming music with Bluetooth®
Easy to carry anywhere in the house, the SRS-BTM8 can be used with AA/LR6 batteries or a mains adapter
You can even use it to make hands-free calls thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity
Discover easier listening

The SRS-BTM8 portable wireless NFC Bluetooth® speaker from Sony lets you enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet in high quality audio, anywhere in the house. What's more, thanks to built-in NFC** (Near Field Communication) technology, you don't even have to worry about pairing your devices if they're NFC-enabled.

All you do is touch the top of the speaker with your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and almost instantly your music will be pumping out into the room. When you want it to stop, just touch the speaker again.

And if your smartphone or tablet isn't NFC-enabled? As long as it has Bluetooth® you can still pair it with your wireless speaker quickly and easily.

Let the music follow you

So you're heading back from work, listening to a great album on your smartphone. You get home, take your earphones out, kick off your shoes. Then you touch your NFC-enabled smartphone (such as Xperia™ T and Xperia™ V) to your stylish SRS-BTM8 speaker and enjoy the rest of the album in rich, room-filling audio while you chill out on the sofa.

When it's time to get ready for your night out, simply pick the speaker up by its built-in carrying handle and take it upstairs to the bedroom. The SRS-BTM8 is compact and lightweight so you can position it pretty much anywhere. You don't even need a plug socket – it can run off 4 AA/LR6 batteries for up to 20 hours of wireless playback.

Even if a friend phones while you're busy getting ready, it's not a problem. Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity you can conduct the call hands free via the SRS-BTM8 speaker. So you can fix your hair and discuss the evening's plans without missing a beat.

Great sound, great looks

As you'd expect from any speaker from Sony, the SRS-BTM8 offers a natural listening experience. Despite its compact size, the stereo speaker packs plenty of punch with a 4W power output (2W + 2W) and delivers rich, detailed sound.

What's more, the SRS-BTM8 has style to match its substance. Available in black or white finishes, its distinctive design will look good in any room in the house.

Keeping things simple

"With our range of wireless speakers, we want to make listening to music as easy and convenient as possible," says Lynda Lamraoui, Marketing Manager, Sony Europe, "and with NFC technology, it really couldn't be simpler. The SRS-BTM8 is the type of product you don't even have to think about using – and that's when technology is at its best."

* Through Sony's One-touch function - incorporating NFC technology – you can enjoy your music and photos across an array of NFC-enabled Sony devices, such as Xperia™ T and Xperia™ V smartphones. Simply touch one to another and instantly establish a wireless connection.

For models other than Xperia™ T and Xperia™ V smartphones, you'll need to download the free App from Sony, "NFC Easy Connect" at Google Play Store to experience One-touch function. It will be released in late September.

** The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum is a non-profit industry association that promotes the use of NFC short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and PCs.

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