Tweet Marker Plus rebranded as Watermark, adds support

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Developer Manton Reece is the brain behind Tweet Marker Plus, a US$5 monthly service developed to index tweets and provide search and filtering tools. Now Reece is rebranding the service as Watermark in a move to distance it from Twitter and syncing.

According to a post about the rebranding on, Reece is distancing Watermark from Twitter due to the controversy over the changes to that service's API and its strained relationship with third-party developers. While Watermark continues to use the same infrastructure and provide the same functions, it's now a "client and archive tool" that continues to work with Twitter apps that have been designed to support it and that can expand outside of simple Twitter support.

Watermark has built-in support for Dalton Caldwell's, a new real-time communication service currently in alpha and priced at $50 per year. Watermark includes an option which pulls in posts from friends and archives all of your posts. is still lacking in many features, but Reece's support of the nascent platform is a good sign of what to expect as more developers embrace the API and as evolves.

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