Google and Apple may be talking about patents

Reuters is reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook and his counterpart at Google, Larry Page, have been meeting to discuss the ongoing patent issues between the two companies.

The two CEOs apparently had a phone conversation as late as last week, and are expected to talk again soon. A source told Reuters that a meeting was scheduled for August 31, but has been delayed for unknown reasons. It's also unknown if Cook and Page are working on a possible settlement of the many patent disputes between the two companies or are focused on just a subset of issues.

Reuters noted that the two chief executives might be considering a "truce" over disputes concerning some basic features of Google's Android mobile OS. That would be a decidedly more peaceful course of action than Steve Jobs' plan to "go thermonuclear" on Google over Android.

Apple is pulling away from other Google products. In the upcoming release of iOS 6, for example, Apple has chosen to use its own mapping solution instead of Google Maps and Google's YouTube is nowhere to be found in the pre-installed software.