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Haier's 46-inch transparent display shows up at IFA, we go eyes-on (video)

After last year's awesome mind-controlled and small transparent television, we made naturally a beeline to the Haier booth on the floor of this year's IFA. While it wasn't yet fully unpacked, we were still pretty impressed with what we saw. The first stop on the visit: this year's version of the transparent TV prototype. So, how's it different than its predecessor? For one thing, it's a lot bigger. At 46 inches, this set feels a lot less like a toy. In fact, it's actually intended for retail usage, and as such, the company had it set up in front a group of mannequins showing off the fashions of Kaska Hass. You can see them quite well through the other wise of the set in the videos and images.

The display is connected to a Windows PC at the moment, a tower visible in a nook below the set. You can use touch to control the interface -- it's capable of detecting up to six touch points at once. We used the display to open Quicktime and launch a video, playing, not surprisingly, some footage of Kaska Hass fashion shows. The touch was fairly responsive, the image, on the other hand, is quite dark and not particularly hi-res, particularly when surround by a booth of much nicer sets.

Again, keep in mind, this isn't intended to be a consumer technology -- at least not for the time being, and retailers may well not be quite as picky as people sitting in their living room -- and, like a lot of the more forward-thinking products, it's not quite ready for prime time. Still, you can check out a video of what we saw after the break. %Gallery-163805%