La-Mulana comes to WiiWare Sept. 20, EnjoyUp publishing

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La-Mulana comes to WiiWare Sept. 20, EnjoyUp publishing

The remake of Nigoro's retro-inspired, brutally hard archaeological platformer La-Mulana recently made it to PC, but the long-awaited WiiWare release was canceled by publisher Nicalis.

Spanish developer EnjoyUp Games (Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ) has picked up La-Mulana for WiiWare, and will publish it in North America and Europe. The long, long wait is almost over: EnjoyUp plans to release the game on September 20.

La-Mulana follows Professor Lemeza into the ruins of La-Mulana after finding a note from his long-lost father. It's a Metroidvania-style game set in a deadly cave full of traps and monsters.

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