Bob Mansfield once again listed as SVP on Apple's site (Updated)

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Bob Mansfield once again listed as SVP on Apple's site (Updated)

The friendly and familiar face of Apple's Bob Mansfield remained in Apple's gallery of executive portraits in the Apple web site's PR pages, sans title, despite his retirement from the company. Now he's officially de-retired and back in the executive suite.

Mansfield was the senior vice president of hardware engineering for many years at Apple, responsible for the technical design of such classic computers as the iMac and the MacBook Air. He announced his retirement from the company in June of this year, and many were surprised earlier this week when it was announced that Mansfield was going to stay on with the company working on "future projects."

Mansfield's beauty shot in the executive photo gallery doesn't specify what his new position is; he's simply listed as a senior vice president. Dan Riccio has been named to replace Mansfield in the hardware engineering SVP spot.

Update: Post edited to clarify that Mansfield's photo had not been removed; only his title.

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