Revamped gives one-stop digital movie access for both UltraViolet and non-UV stores

Since its purchase by Warner Bros. the Flixster brand has been used to push Ultraviolet via apps on mobile and connected TV devices, and now it's bringing its website into the mix. The refreshed site is available as an open beta starting today that focuses on making it the center of your digital movie watching. Still using Rotten Tomatoes' Tomato Meter as a method for ranking the quality of movies, the new site gives streaming and downloadable access to flicks in your UltraViolet locker as well as direct access to copies from iTunes, Vudu, Amazon or Netflix for purchase, rental or subscription viewing. Of course, while the studio proclaims it to be retailer and studio agnostic, there are plenty of opportunities to start or expand your UltraViolet library through promotions that do things like give away free digital copies of movies for sharing a link to friends, navigating the UltraViolet signup process or downloading one of the apps, which should be getting their own redesign soon. It's not the only site in the business of making navigating the multiple online stores easier -- Clicker immediately comes to mind -- but the backend of the Flixster database of movies in theaters and at home, plus any registered digital copies is a specific advantage. Hit the source link to give the beta a shot and see for yourself.