SpellDash is a tile spelling game we probably didn't need

SpellDash is a game we've all seen before in various incarnations on pretty much every platform out there. Tiles fall from the top of the screen. You make words to clear them off before running out of room. The latest addition to this crowded field is a $0.99 app from developer Francis Dalina for iOS.

I found the tiles to be way too small on my iPhone 4S. At 35x35 points, they're about 63% as big as they should be. Apple recommends a minimum interaction area of 44x44 points in their Mobile Human Interaction Guidelines. The small-sized tiles meant I kept hitting letters I didn't mean to. The game is playable, but only just playable.

Visually the tiles were pretty enough with various colored bonus items, plus score values in the corners -- they look like Scrabble tiles basically.

In terms of game play, it offers all the standard styles of timeless, blitz and arcade -- offering slight nuances on how much time you have and what items start off on-screen. The menus were all fine, and well-designed tutorial screens help get you started.

I love word games and I'm usually up for this kind of game but those tiny tiles put me off. They took a game that I can usually play in my sleep and transformed it into an exercise in mild frustration.